Monday, June 25, 2007

UkuLady at Circus Camp!

Dear Blog and readers!
Sorry for the extended vacation of sarcastic/earnest life observation and conversation! I've been working at the best, most fun place on earth, Camp Winnarainbow -, teaching improv and songwriting and hanging out with hilarious children who talk about being superheros like Captain Traffic, inventors and love robots and volcanoes! I've unplugged from LA, cell phone and the internet for 2 weeks and am about to embark on a third magical week, complete with truth-spouting kids, clwon/doctor, Patch Adams and activist/clown, Wavy Gravy. An in-depth blog is forthcoming when I return to civilization; when my life is non-consumed by the pressing urgency of the Tornado of Talent, Unicycle Unispies and fire-juggling-training; when superheroes, strawberry-flavored t-bone steaks, and Mock-Facial-Hair Thursday are but a memory....Then I will weave the web of wonder for you, dear Blog and readersies!
Until next week, Love The UkuLady

Friday, June 8, 2007

Paris, Pork Shows & Organic Ice!

Paris, Pork Shows & Organic Ice!
Dear Blog,
Poor fucking Paris Hilton! Not only did she totally miss out on the true prison experience, being released after only 3 days in jail, but she apparently has a medical condition which prevents her from being in prison; however, not from basking in gourmet cupcakes, which the LA Times reported, greeted her upon her return home to her mansion-condo. She probably had her period and God knows, that's a messy prison rape, for sure. Paris certainly brings out a peculiar hatred, in me, usually reserved for dark-side-evangelical-political-hypocrite-types.
Meanwhile, notes from the Comedy Book:
1. Busy & Picky - Sisters!
2. Pork Shows
3. Organic Ice
4. Hair Frosting; as in the '80's trend....
5. The Sneaky Teens! A band!
6. Sport Breath! A freshener.
7. Hot Rocks! A snack?
Love The Ukulady
PS: An Only In LA Moment: The other day I mistook a small dog for a cat. In a Snackery the other day, I saw this apparent cat, had an instant Concerned Moment, as I'm allergic to cats and then I realized it was a tiny dog that looked like a cat.
PPS: The news of Paris's prison release was on the LA Times front page alongside Iraq bombings and stem cell stuff. I bet Nicole Richie is fucking pissed at her publicist because she wasn't sent to prison for driving the wrong way on the freeway; which is equally bad as driving drunk around Beverly Hills, Paris's Oopsies!