Friday, April 27, 2012

Astrid Strudelman, Unicorn Whisperer, tackles Beach Garbage!

Dear Blob, I appreciate petroleum products used for medical advancement and saving lives and I am drawn to plastic's shiny colors and unbreakablism, but little is more depressing than an outing at the beach marred by plastic garbage. The Ukulad and I and our puppet friends, live 2 miles from the beach and enjoy frequent beach-outings. However, lately, the amount of garbage left on the beach by thoughtless humans, bums me out.
I called my friend, Astrid Strudelman, the Unicorn Whisperer, to deal with this issue. Astrid Strudelman is a 6th grader at Chelsea Clinton Charter Middle School in Santa Monica, CA. Astrid may not be the most popular kid in her class, preferring the company of The Unicorns at recess over team sports, but being popular with 6th graders doesn't matter to her. The hardest years of life may be 6th -10 grade, with 6th - 8th grade being the worst. Astrid Strudelman, The Unicorn Whisperer ignores the school bullies and boldly moves forward believing in herself and the Unicorns. To The Downfall of Evil! Love The Ukulady ps: The Ukulady is appreciative to comedian, Jackie Jones, for calling her pal, Spud Strudelman, to join Astrid at the beach! pps: I dare every human to pick up 10 pieces of Not-Your-Garbage Every Time he or she is at the beach or park. No one else is going to do it. ppps: The Unicorns would if they had hands, but hooves are not the ideal gripping appendage, missing Thumbs, best appendage ever!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Let's Play a Gameshow & Corndogs!

Dear Blob,
I've loved (strong word, but true!) corndogs since childhood, when I spent every Sunday at the, sadly long-gone, Marin City Flea Market in Sausalito, CA. The Flea Market was an outstandingly be-junked, super-dusty lot packed full of treasures, snack trucks and hippies, including a leather-suited-man my mom called Dirt Man, who's every-inch of skin was caked in black dirt.

My first collection, begun at age 5, was plastic fruit and vegetables and I later moved onto metal vintage lunchboxes, while my sister and mom collected vintage Bauer pottery, Victorian clothing and Art Deco art.

I learned to haggle at age 6 and accompanying the joy of vintage bargains, the Flea Market hosted Superior Corndogs! Each treat was hand-dipped and fresh-fried, resulting in a plump, crisply-hot snack of delight. I've enjoyed fresh Corndogs ever since, and was particularly amused when my gay BFF, Mitch, was fired from his swim-coach job in part because of a suggestive corndog-eating photo.

This year for my birthday The Ukulady made me the most extraordinary puppet to join his puppet brothers and sisters: a giant Corndog. He wears (the Corndog, not Ukulad) a sassy ketchup & mustard beret, of sorts, and sports a saucy (no pun intended) mustache. We had no choice but to name him Monsieur Senor Le Corndog, Master of Linguistics and Host of The Ukulady's new gameshow, Let's Play A Gameshow!

Let's Play a Gameshow will debut this Saturday at The Ukulady's new Kids Variety Music show at Lot 1 Cafe in Echo Park, starring my pal, Todd Duffey, famed from his memorable role as the Flair-Enthusiast, Brian, in the hilarious cult-film, Office Space.

You can listen to the promo for Let's Play a Gameshow! here! Hope to see you at the show!

Love The Ukulady
ps: Sunday is Corndog Day, in that Ukulad and I play the OC Marketplace, where we get unlimited (if we want) hand-dipped corndogs!
pps: I've tried to eat more than one, but disappointingly, I was unable to.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Ukulady is a Pioneer!

Dear Blob,
Growing up in the Bay Area, we traveled to nearby Lake Tahoe via Donner Lake, several times a year, resulting in my lifelong obsession with Pioneers, particularly The Donner Party. I read and re-read (and still re-read) Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series dozens of time and currently stacked by my bed are books titled: Pioneer Women, Soiled Doves: Prostitution in the Old West and Women of the West.

This past weekend I had the thrill of dressing up in full pioneer/ukulady garb and playing a show at an old cowboy pioneer town in Santa Clarita, CA called Mentryville! The Natural Stage Project, an organization of music enthusiasts dedicated to Music in Nature, produced their first annual Mentryville Music Festival and, like The Donner Party's first taste of bread after the horrible famine-winter, it was Fabulous!

Wearing my Pioneer outfit, gussied up with Ukulady meep like googly-eyed-heart necklace & orange crinoline, I felt the same thrill I'm sure Pioneers felt after the first time they tasted an orange or taffy.

Enjoy this ridiculously fabulous video of Pioneer The Ukulady & Native America Gabby La La, united as Kit'n'Tenders in a song about Fat Snack Cats, a nibblet I'm sure The Donner Party would have appreciated.

Love The Ukulady

ps: I want to make a TV show about Teen Pioneers called The Donner Party!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Classic Kids Music for Free!

PHOTOS: Kit'n'Tenders at Lot 1 on 4/15, Ukulady's PartyShowFun at Lot 1!

Dear Blob,
Classic things are classic for a reason! It seems there will never be a time when the classic nibblycombo of Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup will not be enthusiastically celebrated.

Same with the nostalgia-producing-8th-grade-teen-longing song, Stairway to Heaven. STH will always produce, in someone, a moment of joyous Fist-Pumping and possibly the recollection of slow-dancing for the entire song with one's middle school crush.

Today The Ukulady offers a free download of the classic kids song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider!

The Ukulady's version celebrates true love and the oon sound!

Love The Ukulady

ps: The Ukulady will be performing on Catalina Island tomorrow at the Avalon Library! Please join us if you happen to be there!

pps: The Ukulady & Gabby La La's band, Kit'n'Tenders plays Lot 1 in Echo Park on Sunday, April 15th! Join us! Best Classic Grilled Cheese in LA! Free!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Magic of Bunnysuits!

Dear Blob,
Although I consider myself non-religious, I am a Holiday Enthusiast, finding pleasure in bunnies, chicks, chocolate & fertility-Springtime-celebration!

It's a great day to meditate on New Beginnings, Fresh Starts & Growth!
Love The Ukulady
ps: The fabulous Magnetic Fields urge us via song to Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits! Celebrate Spring!

The Ukulady on Craigslist TV!

Dear Blob,
The Ukulady tests out her new songs for Kids via Craigslist TV! Hopefully this exciting episode will garner the interest of wealthy patrons and a television network interested in producing The Ukulady's Kids TV Show!

Love The Ukulady
ps: The Winning Title of the Name This Song Competition is.... Unstoppable Lunch!