Friday, April 30, 2010

Blob vs. Vlog & Bret Michaels vs. Earth!

Dear Blob!
A new Blobbing Horizon is upon The Ukulady! Transition fever has held me in her mood-swingy little fist for 360 days and Blobbing was pushed to the back of the cafeteria line in favor of Vlogging, who was apparently voted President. A theoretical school-yard fight broke out between Blob & Vlog, and they emerged equal, co-presidents, but separate. From now on, Vlogs will live at and Blobs will live here.

Meanwhile, today's news is hott with important topics like 80's heavy metal rocker, Bret Michael's exciting return to the spotlight, Letterman's depression - it must be rough having your own tv comedy show & being blackmailed for marital indiscretions at the Exact Same Time; and just the news to induce hope for Earth's future, a larger oil spill than Exxon Valdez engulfing the Gulf o' Mexico. It's challenging, splitting my concern between Letterman's rocky road back to happiness, Bret Michael's rocky road to recovery and Earth's imminent demise, but I'm managing, Blob!

The good news is it seems to be Human Nature to manage constant challenges, bad news & tragedy!

Love The Ukulady

ps: On the Female side of News, a "Bevy of Beauties" walked the Red Carpet in Hollywood! Thank god! If us peasants ever have to see an ugly woman on the red carpet, then we'll really have a challenge on our hands! I'm so glad Gwynyth Paltrow is still hott!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ukulady Press Fever Magic!

Dear Blob!
More Press!

Love The Ukulady

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ukulady & Lad in New York Times!

Dear Blob!
Check out The Ukulady & The Ukulad at the Doo-Nanny in Alabama, in the New York Times!

To The Downfall of Evil!

Love The Ukulady