Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cartoon Chickens vs. Real Chickens: A Query

Dear Blob -
Why are Cartoon Chickens so adorably comical and real Chickens so terrifyingly sinister? The creepy, beady eyes of real chickens are like stabby knife-marbles, angry and stupid, constantly demanding my brain wrap around the query, "How can real chickens be so terrifyingly ugly, yet so delicious?"

Little is more tasty than a dinner of roast chicken, perhaps with a side of polenta, steaming basmati rice & artisan greens. Yet real chickens, while interesting-looking, are undeniably grotesque & pecky.

On the other hand, Cartoon Chickens are always hilarious and delightful. Cartoon Chickens are never scary, even those meant to frighten. Cartoon Chickens are a joy to behold & Chickens, as a topic, are consistently amusing & interesting.
It’s a question rich for global salons, conversation-parties, debate-halls & literary tomes. Get on it Peeps.

Love The Ukulady

ps: I’m partial to Cartoon Chickens wearing human- accessories, like capes, neckties & ruffles.