Friday, February 13, 2009

Send a Ukulady Valentine!!!

Dear Pals!
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To the downfall of Evil!
Love The Ukulady

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doughnut Fever!

Dear Blob,
SInce moving to LA, I have marveled at the abundance of Doughnut Shops and wondered how they all stay in business. Like in the South, where there are churches on every corner, LA's church seems to be the Doughnut Shop. Being a voice over talent, I rarely work on set; however, I am now working on the set of a Nickelodeon game show and I now know how the Doughnut shops stay in business. Film Shoot Craft Services.
Love The Ukulady
ps: I am avoiding the doughnuts.
pps: I Love doughnuts and once asked for a box of doughnuts for my birthday.
ppps: I received the box and ate them all wheile writing my 8th grade term paper.
pppps: I can't remember the topic of the term paper, but I remember getting pretty sick.