Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear Blob, Kit'n'Tenders, the duo of Meep and Gabby La La, are pleased and thrilled to present our first Official Music Video, made by Josh Jacobson of Eat The Fish! Sea Kittens don't wear shoes! Love The Ukulady ps: BLT's at Every Meal!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dear Blob, Today is World Accordion Day! In honor of such, I present a Salute to World Accordion Day with an ode to what may be The Most Delicious TreatSnack in the World! Love The Ukulady ps: French Fries must be celebrated! pps: I saw a Lone Marshmallow on the street the other day. Solo, plump, alone.... Instinctively, I stepped on it and squished it flat; and immediately, I felt guilty; guilty enough about destroying this beautiful, solo Street Marshmallow, to be writing about the guilt today. I felt like I'd squished a friend, a creature.... It was such a perfect marshmallow and perhaps it was, in another dimension, escaping to a free life in Marshmallow Paradise. Now, because of my callow, rash action, the Marshmallow may arrive in Marshmallow Paradise, flat with shoe-marks on it's formerly snow-white powdery, marshmallow skin-suit. It may be mocked, taunted, for being flat and dirty. But hopefully, Free Marshmallow Paradise is a place of tolerance and love, and the other Marshmallows will gather around the Flattened Dirty Mallow and tenderly brush it clean. Then they will celebrate it's arrival in Marshmallow Paradise and Love will abound.