Monday, May 21, 2007

Holiday Meat & Pet-Snack-Meat!

Dear Blog,
This weekend it was determined that all meat is Holiday Meat! Ham, Lamb, Turkey, Steak, Hamburgers, Hot dogs! There was a discussion about Chicken being a rather non-special-occasion meat, and the reality is my people, The Heebs, always roast a chicken for Special Occasion Holidays. Even the humble Bologna is a celebratory eating event for some. My BFF from Amish Country (see songpage, The MakeOut Song), looks forward to his visits home and a homecoming holiday meal of special Amish-Country Bologna. Meat-Eating is a Special Occasion!
On a related note, this morning I ran into a friend who was feeding her dog Beatrice a Braided Bull Penis. Seriously. Apparently it is a delicious-to-dogs-snack, for realsies. I was fascinated. The Braided Bull Penis looked like any other leathery pet-meat-snack, no signs of it's semi-shocking origins.
Love The UkuLady
PS: I was pleased my pal was feeding Beatrice Braided Bull Penis. I heart alliteration!

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