Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fireside Chats with Sheen & Gaddafi

Dear Blob -
Here's a super idea! Charlie Sheen and Muammar Gaddafi should join forces and produce weekly fireside chats. They could invite fellow meglamaniacs, like Lindsey Lohan, Kim Jong Il and Sarah Palin and do fun activities to foster fellowship, like cooking marshmallow krispy-treats together!

Upon the treat-setting, Sheen and Gaddafi could prove they're not completely selfish, power-hungry loonytunes, by feeding the poor Marshmallow Treats. Nothing is as tasty as a chewy-crisp marshmallow treat, particularly if you are a third-world villager who has never tasted a rice-krispy treat.

My opinion of today's Meglamaniacs-in-the-Spotlight would probably shift to Kozy-kitten-warmth, knowing that Sheen, hand in hand with Haley Barbour 'n' Kim Jong Il were giving baked-goods to the poor.
Love The Ukulady

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Ukeffect said...

How would you stop them all from killing eachh...hold on, maybe you have something here Thessally! :)