Saturday, July 28, 2012

Adventures with Esotouric

Dear Blob,
I love snacks, friends and adventures. The other day, I was lucky enough to hang out with LA historians, Kim Cooper and Richard Schave, of, creative visionaries and founders of recently voted, Best of LA, The LAVA Salons (LA Visionary Association).

They took me on an adventure which included a Pioneer Cemetery, extraordinary doughnuts in Glendora and historic cowboy-themed downtown San Dimas. Here's a video sample of our adventures:

Get on the Esotouric bus with Kim and Richard and discover the hidden magic-treasures of LA!
Love The Ukulady

ps: We also visited a craftsman-farmhouse jam factory in Sierra Madre, featuring custom jams with personal labels...
pps: get ready for The Ukulady's jam....

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