Saturday, November 10, 2012

Parents and Kids are Loving The Ukulady's New Album!

Dear Blob, Parents are starting to write in about The Ukulady's new album for mini-humans and it brings tearlets to my eyeballs and warm, theoretical bunnies hopping around my heart. This email came from Atlanta, Georgia, today: "She absolutely love the album and I do too! The first thing she says when we start the car is " I wanna listen to The Ukulady." Yesterday morning, she heard "Mr McGregor" in the lyrics of "Its Hard to be a Person" and she recognized it...she has a DVD of Peter Rabbit stories. Now whenever we listen to that song she says "the Ukulady is talking about Mr. McGregor." Singing "Friendheart" together is the Perfect start to our day! -Ashley Danneman Gilleland, Mother of Evan, age 3.
Now we just need a million more moms and dads to feel the same and we will start making a living from hilarious, intellectual, creative music for children.... We is The Ukulad and I. Love The Ukulady

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