Sunday, April 13, 2008

Supermodels & SuperVillians

Dear Blob,
A trip to the Natural History Museum in New York City confirmed that neither dinosaurs nor walrus are supermodels. Both mammals seem to flaunt their plumpness; swollen bellies of blubber and meat swaddling rotund carriages. In no way are dinosaurs or walrus prepared to compete on America's Next Top Model.
In other news, Nazis rejoice! The world now has a new wonderfully hate-able supervillian, Heather Mills McCartney. What a distastefully money-grubbing, spotlight-whoring, transparently disingenuous person. Aging millionaires, take note! Being one-legged does not mean one is automatically rich-in-scruples! For some prejudiced reason, my first instinct, when I think of The Disfigured, is that they are moral and ethically sound, like Tiny Tim, wishing goodwill on earth and peace for all men. While thinking bad thoughts of others isn't the most productive past-time, part of me hopes Heather Mills McCartney feels empty and gets fat.
Love The Ukulady
ps: Walrus is such an odd plural word. I feel like they should be Walri.
pps: The Ukulady was in NYC for the NY Uke Fest, which, Uke Players take note, was not a pleasant experience. I will not attend again.

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