Friday, October 17, 2008

Hulk Hogan & Tiffany! Finally Together!

Dear Blob,
There are few things that will rouse a sick person from his sickbed. Hulk Hogan's new celebrity wrestling show has proven to be one of them. My sick manpanion HAD to get up and show me the website for the Hulk's new series and upon perusal, it is definitely CoGo (Comedy Gold!). Finally Todd Bridges of Different Strokes is on break from his career as a pastor! Finally and Frank Stallone and Tiffany will clad their has-been physiques in wrestling unitards and display their physical prowess! Along with a variety of people who think they are celebrities, such as former reality television stars, Dennis Rodman and Screech from Saved by the Bell, join Hulk Hogan in an extravaganza of spangled bikini-suits, sweat and weiner-pouches. Apparently men and women will wrestle each other and Tiffany has gained some weight in the past 20 years. Of course, reality-TV whore, Danny Bonaduce, joins the all-star cast and viewers can join-in the magic tomorrow!
Love The Ukulady
ps: I'm totally sick of the election, have learned to drive a stick-shift and am bored by Brittney's healing and comeback.
pps: Manpanion just informed me that Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges and Vanilla Ice were on a boxing reality show years ago. How lucky the world is, to have entertainment!
ppps: Also, this show is on the Country Music Television channel! WTF? Love it.

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nollij said...

OMG, I've been missing all this quality entertainment! I guess I'm going to have to go buy a TIVO and start gathering! :)