Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Locked Out in Mexico!

Dear Blob!
I am a resourceful Pioneer-Handylady! The exclamation points are extensions of the adrenalin coursing through my Meep! I just locked myself out of Casa Azul and managed to get back in!

Here's the hot scoop: Casa Azul comes with Conchita, a cat, of whom I am allergic. Conchita is deserate to get into the house, has magic-cat powers and can open doors. So I'd taken to using the automatic safety lock, which comes with the front door. It can be abled and disabled.

After a morning coffee with Larry, the expat from Burbank, who has the extra set of keys and ironically, told me a story yesterday of House Owners, Sally & Carmen, locking themselves out, I bid him farewell, as he went to work at the bookswapstore, in another town. Be-pajamaed, I took a soggy dishtowel outside to dry; as soon as I exited the iron front door, it swung closed and locked. Every door and window in the house has iron gates and screen windows. Only a baby could get through the iron gates.

Somewhat shocked, but oddly calm, I considered my options, as I Walked-It-Out in the magical garden surrounding the house. I could hang out in my pajamas until Larry returned from work, all day, moneyless, bra-less, waterless, reading-material-less or I could retrieve my keys, which were within eyeball distance, on the table next to the door, inside.

Luckily, HouseOwner Carmen, has a ton of tools! I found the tool box and a Phillips screwdriver! I removed the screen from the front door! I then found an extra-long pruning tool, which enabled my T-Rex arms, as the Uklulad calls them, to extend! The moment of suspense... I knew if I dropped the keys from the pruners, I would be on the patio all day, like a prisoner in a really gorgeous jail. Cooly, channeling my yoga-powers, I gripped the keys in the pruner's meep and transferred them to my human-hands! I saved myself!

Lesson after lesson, here in Mexico. Last night I discovered the green salsa from the Tamale Trolley is not to be consumed.

Love The Ukulady

ps: Good news is the house is ridiculously secure and no one can enter when it's locked!
pps: The auto-lock is now disabled.

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Jes said...

Haha! I love it. You are indeed resourceful. As Colin says, a "self-rescuing princess."

Can't wait to get my meximeep on!