Thursday, June 30, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico: Skwinkles, Teens & Other Oddities.

Dear Blob -
I've officially eaten too many fresh mangoes. The mango-rash known to the highly-allergic, has appeared, attractively ringing my lips like Velvetina Evilwich's lipstick (

A sad development as mangoes are my favorite fruit and over-abundantly growing in the back and front yards. I noticed mangoes for sale at the corner market and I wondered who could possibly be spending money on mangoes in this town, as the trees appear to be everywhere.

There is no soy milk or granola at the market and it's ridiculous that Mexico, the 5th largest cultivator of coffee beans, has no good coffee for sale. They do have a Queso Lady who is stationed at behind glass case, cutting the cheese for customers's individual cheese-needs. Ha.

One fabulous travel perk is sighting oddities I would rarely see in LA...

Today I came upon what, at first glance appeared to be a draft-blocking door-pillow with the stuffing coming out; upon further investigation the snake-like pillow proved to be a giant dead eel with it's mid-section torn apart. I also saw a gelatinous dead puffer-fish, which creepily resembled a fetus or a Roswell, New Mexico alien.

I'm partial to the Signage-of-the-World; in particular I was riveted by a package of Skwinkles, which seems to be a candy, and Hooky, possibly an ice cream brand.

The Teens of the World are the same everywhere: hormonal, judgemental & over-excited. I like teens and I'm thoroughly relieved I am not a teen. The adult gringos all want to know how old I am, which no one would ever ask in LA, except a Casting Director. Perhaps they are all Casting Directors...

Love The Ukulady

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melimont said...

So far this all sounds very dreamy and luxurious!

The UkuLady said...

Meep! It is. Also often dramatically challenging!