Monday, March 19, 2012

Take a Stroll Down Compliment Alley!

PHOTOS: Cupcake & Swizzle Stick: 2 Puppets in Love; Peeps!

Dear Blob,

8 Pleasingly Amusing Nibblets:

1. Fitness with Witness! Fitness videos with peeps in the FBI witness protection program or with Amish witness from the '80's movie, Witness.

2. Macaroonery: a Macaroon Outlet

3. A Year of Gyros with Yessaly Yerner: I eat a gyro everyday for an entire year and blog about it....

4. Compliment Alley: Feeling blue, Tammy took a shortcut through Compliment Alley. "Hey lady, you are a genius! I love your cute shirt!" the alley called out to her. Tammy felt better.

5. The Think 'n' Tinkle: A Pee-ery where one has time to think....

6. A Business Woman or Man in a Half-Shirt.

7. Clam Brullee

Love The Ukulady
ps: Stay tuned for The Ukulady's Guide to Camping in California! Coming soon in Blobbed segments.

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