Thursday, April 19, 2012

Let's Play a Gameshow & Corndogs!

Dear Blob,
I've loved (strong word, but true!) corndogs since childhood, when I spent every Sunday at the, sadly long-gone, Marin City Flea Market in Sausalito, CA. The Flea Market was an outstandingly be-junked, super-dusty lot packed full of treasures, snack trucks and hippies, including a leather-suited-man my mom called Dirt Man, who's every-inch of skin was caked in black dirt.

My first collection, begun at age 5, was plastic fruit and vegetables and I later moved onto metal vintage lunchboxes, while my sister and mom collected vintage Bauer pottery, Victorian clothing and Art Deco art.

I learned to haggle at age 6 and accompanying the joy of vintage bargains, the Flea Market hosted Superior Corndogs! Each treat was hand-dipped and fresh-fried, resulting in a plump, crisply-hot snack of delight. I've enjoyed fresh Corndogs ever since, and was particularly amused when my gay BFF, Mitch, was fired from his swim-coach job in part because of a suggestive corndog-eating photo.

This year for my birthday The Ukulady made me the most extraordinary puppet to join his puppet brothers and sisters: a giant Corndog. He wears (the Corndog, not Ukulad) a sassy ketchup & mustard beret, of sorts, and sports a saucy (no pun intended) mustache. We had no choice but to name him Monsieur Senor Le Corndog, Master of Linguistics and Host of The Ukulady's new gameshow, Let's Play A Gameshow!

Let's Play a Gameshow will debut this Saturday at The Ukulady's new Kids Variety Music show at Lot 1 Cafe in Echo Park, starring my pal, Todd Duffey, famed from his memorable role as the Flair-Enthusiast, Brian, in the hilarious cult-film, Office Space.

You can listen to the promo for Let's Play a Gameshow! here! Hope to see you at the show!

Love The Ukulady
ps: Sunday is Corndog Day, in that Ukulad and I play the OC Marketplace, where we get unlimited (if we want) hand-dipped corndogs!
pps: I've tried to eat more than one, but disappointingly, I was unable to.

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