Friday, April 27, 2012

Astrid Strudelman, Unicorn Whisperer, tackles Beach Garbage!

Dear Blob, I appreciate petroleum products used for medical advancement and saving lives and I am drawn to plastic's shiny colors and unbreakablism, but little is more depressing than an outing at the beach marred by plastic garbage. The Ukulad and I and our puppet friends, live 2 miles from the beach and enjoy frequent beach-outings. However, lately, the amount of garbage left on the beach by thoughtless humans, bums me out.
I called my friend, Astrid Strudelman, the Unicorn Whisperer, to deal with this issue. Astrid Strudelman is a 6th grader at Chelsea Clinton Charter Middle School in Santa Monica, CA. Astrid may not be the most popular kid in her class, preferring the company of The Unicorns at recess over team sports, but being popular with 6th graders doesn't matter to her. The hardest years of life may be 6th -10 grade, with 6th - 8th grade being the worst. Astrid Strudelman, The Unicorn Whisperer ignores the school bullies and boldly moves forward believing in herself and the Unicorns. To The Downfall of Evil! Love The Ukulady ps: The Ukulady is appreciative to comedian, Jackie Jones, for calling her pal, Spud Strudelman, to join Astrid at the beach! pps: I dare every human to pick up 10 pieces of Not-Your-Garbage Every Time he or she is at the beach or park. No one else is going to do it. ppps: The Unicorns would if they had hands, but hooves are not the ideal gripping appendage, missing Thumbs, best appendage ever!

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