Friday, December 28, 2007

Guitar Hero Fever!

Dear Blob,
The Ukulady has totally caught Guitar Hero Fever! Lately, whenever I call my friends in the Bay Area, they are unavailable to chat, distractedly saying, "Can't talk now - in the middle of Guitar Hero-" and then they hang up. Over the holidays I spent several days at the hippie Berkeley commune where many of my friends reside; an old-school hippie commune where Guitar Hero Fever has captured everyone with the Heat of Obsession! The Guitar Hero virus nipped at my skeptical-of-video-game-heels and I broke down, adjusted the toy guitar strap and totally rocked out to hot '80's hair metal.
Love The Ukulady
ps: Jamie Lyn Spears Fever has totally passed.
pps: More weighty things to think about, such as the endless cycle of religious fervor, zealotry and tragedy in the Middle East. I'm bummed about Benezir Bhutto.

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