Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Youtube Bathroom

Dear Blob,
Youtube is not only a venue for independent narcissist performers, such as myself, but it is also the World's Biggest Bathroom. The Youtube comment section is just like the restroom walls, filled with messages like, Fuck U and 4 a Good BJ Call Candi. Unfortunately, I've had no directions towards good blow jobs, but my videos and myself, are getting a healthy dose of the F-word. Youtube seems to be the stomping grounds for cowards and angry, fearful Dark Siders. A Dark Sider is a "person" who is filled with hate. I quotation mark "person", because these are the creatures that are contributing to the unevolution of humans; probably overweight, underloved and poorly educated. I don't mind the hate, in fact, it feeds the fire to spread unicorn pony hearts all the more.
Love The Ukulady
ps: I saw Persepolis last night, the graphic novel, made into a French animated feature film. It is beautiful and sad and highly recommended. A black & white cartoon riveted me for over 90 minutes. I wish the Dark Siders would see Persepolis and the fruitlessness of hate and fear.

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