Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Heal Britney!

Dear Blob,
I hope Britney heals. Upon reflection, my gay bear manager and I realized we should have put the message "Heal Britney", at the end of "Oops I Did It Again".
In other news, don't Myley Cyrus's parents see the ominous potential repercussions of allowing their daughter to dress like a child whore? And, the LA Times reported that a children's bedding company was recently busted for naming one of their items, a children's bed, The Lolita. What marketing team was like, "Yes! Brilliant! The Lolita children's beds will be snapped up like free doughnuts at a medical marijuana convention!".
Love The Ukulady
ps: Is Angelina really pregnant with twins or is Star magazine lying to me?!
pps: A friend got me a subscription to US Weekly and Star Magazine for Heeb Christmas. However, instead of being inspired by the repulsiveness, I am feeling overexposed, glazed and uncaring of the Slimmest Ladies in LA. That's what starlets should be called. The Slimmest. I hate, pity, love and envy them all at the same time...

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