Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Do Not Know Jorja Fox

Dear Blob,
It was quite the celebrity day in Hollywood today. I just barely saved myself from looking like a total jackass to CSI star, Jorja Fox. Here's the scoop: Being "on deck" at my voiceover agency to audition, means lingering my the desks of the assistants, who are awesome. I enjoy chit chat with the Tallest-Assistant-In-The-World, Jeff, who is almost 7 feet and hilarious. On Jeff's desk last week, was a notice for a show at the LBGT Center, produced by Jorja Fox. I have a comedy pal who's name is also spelled Jorja and in the fever of the moment, failed to realize that Jorja Fox, the adorably gap-toothed star of CSI, is not my comedy friend seeking a voiceover agent, Jorja. Jeff informed met that Jorja had recently signed with my agency and he was going to go see her show. Thrilled that my agent-seeking friend, Jorja, had seemingly signed with my agent, I suggested to Jeff that we see her show together, as I knew her too! Last week we set the date for this upcoming Friday, and today at the agency, Jeff and I touched base about the show. In the midst of this Touching Base convo, Jeff mentioned that Jorja was very rich. I expressed surprise, as I didn't think my comedy friend Jorja, was rich and Jeff was like, "Yeah, all those millions of CSI episodes..." and I suddenly realized what a total schmuck I was and Jorja Fox is not my personal Friend. I can't even remember my friend, Jorja's last name.

In other celebrity news, Bud Bundy of Married With Children, who's real name is David, has stopped doing drugs and drinking, owns a ukulele and wants to learn how to play. I suggested a tea-drinking, ukulele-teaching hang-out sesh and we'll see if he follows up. You never know who is going to be in the waiting room of my voicever agency; usually that faintly recognizable person is not someone I went to high school with, but formerly well-known actor trying to make a buck. Good Times.
Love The Ukulady
PS: What's the deal with the mayor in some Texas town, stealing her neighbor's dog, renaming it Panchito and lying about having stolen it. You'd think if you're going to steal a dog, you'd steal one from across town.

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