Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do Horses Swim?

Dear Blob,
Manpanion and I went to the beach today and discussed desert islands and I was reminded of the 80's movie, The Black Stallion, a "children's" movie that forever scarred me, implanting within me, a fear of being on a sinking boat and subsequently, a desert island with only a wild horse for company. Manpanion is too young to have seen The Black Stallion and insists that horses do not swim. In The Black Stallion, the Black Stallion saved the young boy, swimming them both to the deserted island. I think horses swim. I am writing this blob before researching on the interweb, so I encourage you, Reader, to discuss with your friends, Do Horses Swim?
Love The Ukulady
ps: I'm 95% sure I saw Aaron Eckhart from "Thank You For Smoking" jogging on the beach. Manpanion doesn't know who Aaron Eckhart is, so he was disappointed that his first potential LA celebrity sighting, was, alas, not a celebrity sighting, for him. Mr. Eckhart was shirtless.
pps: Skee Ball courts in arcades from Georgia to Santa Monica, CA, have unfortunately begun replacing the satisfying wooden skee balls with lighter, lamer, plastic - boo.

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