Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Roadtrip Picsies & Lindsey Lohan’s Lesbianism!

Dear Blob!
Even though I am not gay, I am oddly excited that, according to US Weekly and Star Magazine, LIndsey Lohan is in a hot and heavy relationship with a woman. The Ukulady performed at LA's oldest Lesbian bar last night, and was able to tell the news to the audience, most of whom, were unaware of Lindsey's newly-outed lesbianism. Everyone was very excited, although there were several naysayers, jeeringly calling Lindsey bi-curious and bored. Perhaps she is, but regardless, Lindsey Lohan is nibbling the ruffled meat curtains and not hiding it from the public. Perhaps that's what I admire; her unwillingness to pretend she's not in a lesbian relationship.

In other news, here is the requested link to my Roadtrip Pictures:

Cross Country Trip

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