Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Anorexia Thrives in LA!

Dear Blob,
I recently spent 10 days in the SF/Bay Area, where I felt healthy, fit and slim. I returned to LA a couple days ago and instantly felt fat again. Most LA white women my age, are ridiculously stick-model slim ; it's not the norm for women to look like US Weekly LA starlets. Blob & Readers, this is just a Ukulady reminder that anorexia and her various food-issue cousins, are definitely alive and thriving in LA! Anorexia Therapists, this is the place to live! I've always wondered who would live in LA, if they didn't work in the Industry, and now I realize, it must be all Anorexia Therapists and boutique mini-doggie-product peddlers. Now I'm going to eat ice cream.
Love The Ukulady
ps: How boring is Brittney these days?

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nollij said...

10 days in the bay area... did you play shows? I'm gonna be sorry if I missed that. Hopefully you were just visiting family and friends...

As for the anorexia in L.A... yeah... I was down there for a wedding (rode my motorcyle down) and was stunned at the number of women who are WAAAAAYYY too thin... I felt fat the whole time I was there (and guys aren't supposed to react that way, are they?)

I've been laughing for 2 hours now looking at all your videos and listening to the songs... I hope to catch you live show one of these days! Do you ever play ensemble (a la "Buck Up" style?)?