Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin Blob Addendum

Dear Blob,
To be clear, in regards to yesterday's blob about Sarah Palin, I'm angry about her overwhelming Hypocrisy. That's all. Abstinence education obviously doesn't work. She clearly has a cooter that she used to conceive Bristol, Track and her recent infant, Trig. In regards to calling Trig retarded, which he is, I love retarded people - They are, generally, so loving, joyous and unbothered by the darkness of our world. Perhaps retarded isn't a kindly term, but in the heat of my disgust at Palin's hypocrisy and the entire political area, it made me feel better to call her Down's syndrome baby-named-fo- a-cowboy's-horse, retarded. Everyone is a hypocrite and obviously Sarah Palin's vagina and her daughter's, see a lot of action. Good for them. Hopefully, Bristol Palin will be swayed by the difficulty of teen parenthood, to become an advocate for Sex Education in the High Schools.
Love The Ukulady
ps: Maybe Bristol & Jamie Lynne will get together and rebel against their idiotic parents by forming a Teen Celebrity Mothers Against Abstinence Education!
pps: How much do you want to theoretically bet, Blob, that Laura Bush had Jenna on The Pill at like, age 16? A party girl like that, First lady probably didn't take any chances....

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you are wrong Maybe Sarah Palin is more evolved than you?

She certainly appears to be a happy person at peace with herself. She copes with what comes her way and accepts responsibility for what her bliefs bring to her.


You write doggerel. She becomes a governor, and maybe the first female VP.

You apparantly havn't had a new idea since 1968, but then obsessing about people more famous than you is one way to spend a lifetime.