Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My New TV BFF!

Dear Blob -
I have acquired a TV show. An evening where I have to watch my show. I haven' had a show since Party of Five. My Show is on Sunday nights and is about my new best TV friend, Ruby Gettinger and her journey to lose HundredS of pounds. I've developed a fascination with morbid obesity, recently watching youtube videos of people who fit this description, including the 400 pound 7 year old, which was terribly disturbing. Child protective services didn't intervene until 400 pounds! Where were they at 150? Who lets a child get over 200 pounds? In the most recent youtube videos, the child is now 10 and weighs around 130, but has bowed legs from her earlier immense poundage.

Ruby!, produced by her celebrity real-life BFF, Brittney Daniels, recognized by my manpanion as the starlet from "Joe Dirt", is totally compelling and touching TV. I am bummed that Ruby is probably now too famous to be my real BFF, but she is totally my TV BFF. She's a beautiful morbidly obese woman, which is neccessary for TV. No ugly fat people, pretty only! She has 2 adorable gay roommate/BFF's and she makes me want to use words I hate, like Heartfelt and HeartWarming.

The concern I have for Ruby and all other obese-weight-loss-focused people, is the seeming lack of re-training in the kitchen that is neccessary for lifelong weight-control. Trainers, nutritionists and psychiatrists are invested in Ruby's weight-loss journey, but she needs cooking school. An immersion in healthy and affordable (no Whole Foods/Whole Paycheck) grocery shopping and cooking.

I grew up in a household where Cornflakes were a sugar cereal. It is ingrained in me that American Cheese slices are junk food. No overweight person will keep weight off without learning to cook yummy, healthy food every day. Cooking every day is a lot of work, leads to many dirty dishes and takes a lot of energy that most people don't have, as a result of our society's ridiculous 40 - 80 hour work weeks. Gyms should start a fleet of home chefs who train weight-loss-seekers how to cook.

Meanwhile, I wish Ruby was on every night and I send her Ukulady heartsies.
Love The Ukulady
ps: Sundays at 8pm on Style Network and she has a website.
pps: I requested her facebook friendship, but I think she's too famous now.

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