Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh! Oh! Obama: To The Downfall of Evil!

Dear Blob!
On this historic, thrillingly-weighty-with-emotions-like-awe-n-joy, I feel I must write something for my children and their offspring to read. OMG and Wow! Hope is restored! Hypocrisy, greed and slander lose! Intellect and reason win! Thrillinglyy, the name Obama will probably join Aiden as the most popular baby name! Sasha & Malia Obama get a new puppy and us citizens of the USA get to feel civic pride, a potential for patriotism and hope! Disappointingly, the accidental comedic highjinks of Sarah Palin and her fleet of poorly-named, abstinence-taught children, will go away and her makeup artist is out of a job. But finally the downfall of evil has begun. The old comfortable ways of fear, greed, corruption and such, have been demoted from class president to hall monitor. Let's hippie it up and create a magical Safety Bubble around Obama and manifest a safe four and hopefully more, years, for America's first black president.
Love The Ukulady

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