Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Celebrate Thumbs in Joshua Tree & Mitch Update!

Dear Blob,
Like firming a muscle with regular, focused attention, relationships & psyches require firming and nothing firms like a trip out of the city. Ukulad and I packed up our camping gear, costumes & Evil Sandwich and in 3 hours were surrounded by the Pink Rocks of Joshua Tree National Park. A million Thumbs Up!

Speaking of thumbs, I spent some Thumb Appreciation time recently, hiding my thumbs under my hands and using my acting background, super-concentrated on internalizing the sensation of being Thumbless, with only 4 working fingers. If I didn't have thumbs my pointer-finger would become superhero-muscley, ripped, as they say in the gyms, fitness & wrestling arenas of planet earth. I'm so glad I have thumbs; Celebrate Thumbs!

In other news, Open Mics & American Idol-like shows are the Modern Campfires of Today. Humans used to gather round the fire and weave song 'n' stories to entertain the tribe or do shadow puppets. Joshua Tree has primo Shadow-Puppet stages everywhere and our campsite was the scene of several alligator, bird & frog shadow-dramas. Joshua Tree rocks are like the Broadway stage for Shadow Puppets. We couldn't get past Short-form Shadow Puppets with the storyline of existence to mouth-opening-activities to death by being-eaten. Good times!

Love The Ukulady

Fired-For-Being-Gay Mitch's story has finally been picked up by a real reporter for the Glendora Patch, a blog attached to the Huffington Post! The actual newspaper, a small Covina/Pomona rag, who was going to run the story decided to put off reporting the story until an actual lawsuit is filed, which could be weeks. We assume the newspaper is backed by Conservatives; why else would they put off reporting the News?

pps: I awoke this morning pleased I don't live in a town called Shrillsville. Shrillsville! A town for the shrill!

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