Friday, September 9, 2011

Ukuadventures in LA: Weird-Skin Fever!

Dear Blob,
I forgot to mention I've got some weird splotchy skin condition in the exact same place on both hands, which appeared overnight. It seems to be an allergic reaction, perhaps to plants or dirt, of which I've been dabbling in.

My hands appear to have been splashed with dark stain, the opposite of my imaginary BFF, Michael Jackson's supposed splotchy skin-whitening disease, vitiligo. The weblet of my fingers, when spread like an enthusiastic gymnast, now has super-dark pigment reaching from between the pinkies to each finger-web and the entire fleshy top-hand section near the thumb. It's slightly itchy, now and again but from my interweb research, does not seem to be cancer, thank meep.

Speaking in reading-words, of Michael Jackson, I used to have a re-occuring dream that I helped him, listened to him, like a therapist friend. One night I dreamt my good non-imaginary friend, Jeff Brown, beat out Michael Jackson in Blue Man Group Auditions. I told Jeff of this dream and he went out and auditioned for Blue Man, winning a spot on the Blue Man squad and has been paying his bills catching mock-marshmallows in his mouth for years.

When Brittney Spears was troubled, I dreamt several times I was her helper-therapist friend. Thankfully, those dreams have passed; I have no interest in helping Brittney. Michael, yes, but sadly, he didn't hear my Psychic MeepCall of Friendship.

Love The Ukulady

PS: Fabulous Word Combos:
1. Snack Trolley
2. Diner Dinner Date (Lad and I enjoyed a grilled-cheese date at Mar Vista's 5-star bowling alley diner recently)
3. Sleepwalking Snacktasting

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