Thursday, July 5, 2007

Best Place on Earth briefly summed up

Dear Blog,
I feel unable to discuss Paris, Brittney, LIndsey and Jenna without first providing some highlights from The Best Place on Earth, Camp Winnarainbow. My comedy notebook is chock-full, as kids are constantly hilarious and brilliant. Camp is a place where everyone is trying to have as much fun as possible all the time and it appears to be working. It is a place where grown-men wear superhero costumes, kids change their names to Chauncy, Tractor and Hanuman and boys, girls, teens and adults bask in Extreme Creativity, respect, love and mentorship.
It is almost impossible to describe and is unlike any summer camp on earth.
1. The Question Bully - "where are you going? How old are you? Do you like bacon? etc..."
2. Sheep Shaped - so satisfying to say.
3. The UkuLady sometimes is UkuLazy
4. Octacado, Pentacado, Hexacado - 8, 5, 6-sided avocados - Song about it on
5. This hilarious kid, Jake, 8yrs, told me he invented a new game called Chess, Version 2.
6. Overheard: a kid in the costume barn saying, concerned, "Do you think I need to reserve the giant fish?"
7. The Fez Dispenser - dispenses fez hats.
8. A friend is someone you almost never disagree with.
9. Meat Corn - a hot dog with meat giblets as kernels.
10. The poignancy of Earnest Teen Poems. That's poems written by artsy, angsty, beautiful teens. I was one once.
11. Wavy recommends that all the kids go home and pick up a copy of Neruda. Pablo.
12. Must write song with the rhyme Molasses/Jackie Onassis
13. Christ Crispies
14. Kneecaps and kneecamps - hats and summer camps for knees.
I'm working on my Love Strategy this year. This includes saying hello to strangers on the street in LA and elsewhere. I've started and it's made a remarkable difference. People smile and are surprised that they are smiling and saying hello back. Everyone feels better. Blog and Readers, I dare you to embark on a Saying-Hello-To-Strangers Campaign. I'm a total fucking hippie, but those hippies sure have some things right...
Now I have given you, Blog, a brief glimpse of The Best Place on Earth, I can resume my usual queries and concerns about what's really important, did Paris get raped in jail or not? The evil part of me really hopes so.
Love The UkuLady
PS: Patch Adams, clown, activist, humanitarian, did a workshop on Love Strategies and did a skit urging the audience to Love every being, Al Quada, terrorist, Dick Cheney and Paris Hilton. I easily brought myself to say, I love Al Quada and the Terrorist, but simply could not say, I love Cheney or Paris. That's fucked up.
Love The UkuLady

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