Tuesday, July 24, 2007

UkuLady's Friends RULE!!!

Dear Blog!
I had an exciting morning watching The View! Never in my life have I watched The View, however this morning, my dear friend Season and her hubby Jono were scheduled to appear, touting their website www.BuyChange.org, which touts socially-responsible products everyday Americans can purchase. I adjusted my rarely-used TV's antenna, tuned into ABC, when suddenly, as I was watching Barbara Walters and some E! Entertainment reporter discuss the presidential candidate Youtube debates, I was thrilled to see my friend, Mary C. Matthews, and her girlfriend Jen, appear in their youtube video, asking the candidates if they would allow Mary and Jen to wed! And then 20 minutes later Season and Jono were live on The View kicking some social justice ass!
I had 4 friends on The View on the same day! What are the chances? Go Friendsies! Go Social Responsibility, Social Justice and let's Create Change! I am proud this morning.
Love The UkuLady
PS: I'll bet Lindsey Lohan's friends aren't so proud this morning.
PPS: She was arrested again for a DUI and had cocaine in her pocket. Poor Lindsey.
PPPS: Parents, don't whore your children out.
PPPPS: www.videopancakes.blogspot.com and www.BuyChange.org

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