Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Jeffersons Theme Song

Dear Blob!
Apologies for my lengthy Ukublog absence. I moved. An excuse, however, OMG, who remembers how exhausting and difficult moving is? Certainly not Paris Hilton, flitting from one mansion to another. I moved from a seemingly fabulous craftsman to a real live mansion. The theme from The Jeffersons has been playing on my head for weeks. My former home was on Cat Shit lane or Carcass Court, as my House Elf calls it; a street littered with Hot Cheetos bags, cat feces and a flat possom corpse propped up in a discarded baby seat, which lingered for weeks. No matter how many times the religious zealots cleaned up my old street, the next day another load of garbage was dumped in the same spot. Someone once died in front of my house, stabbed at the Burrito King a block away.
My new house is a historic mansion included in the Hiistoric Homes of Echo Park tour and Gloria Swanson once lived here. I giggle gleefully, schemeingly, disbelievingly, every time I pull into the driveway. It's the "house" people stop in front of and ogle. The Couches of Echo Park are not in this area of Echo Park. This is Angelino Heights and it is swollen with Neighborhood Pride, which I have adopted; musing whether I have time to attend the free neighborhood Baroque Concert produced and performed by neighbors and still watch the sunset from my backyard, 180 degree views of Los Angeles, the Hollywood sign, Griffith Park Observatory....Moooohahahahaha! To The Downfall of Evil!
Bursting with Pride & Vengenance, The Ukulady
PS: Meanwhile, I still have Echo Park down the hill to jog around. The lake has an area that consistently smells of sewage and often bums, junkies and families enjoy reclining, basking in the sun, in Sewage Corner. I wonder if they have lost their sense of smell.

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