Monday, October 22, 2007

Joggin While Sick

Dear Blob,
I am a terrible sick person. I've had a naggy coldy/flu for over a week, and today recognized my defeatist pattern of resting a little bit, feeling better, so partaking in social-butterfly activities, and then awaking sick again. I am a compulsive dinner-party hostess and party-guest. Instead of Gamblers Anon, I need to go to Hostess Anon. Hello, My name is The UkuLady and I love having parties, even when I'm sick. I cancelled tonight's dinner party after jogging this morning. I thought a jog would be more restful than a 2 hour yoga class. After 2 Echo Park laps and the 92 stairwalk, I was totally exhausted, but not in an excercisey-way, but in a I'm-sick fashion. I am engaging in only one other rigorous activity today, moving furniture. I've got to take advantage of my truck-friends while they're available.
Love The UkuLady
ps: While jogging sick, I mistook two resting ducks for sacks of garbage. I was pleased the Seeming Eyesore was Wildlife in Action.
pps: Now I'll rest.

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