Thursday, August 7, 2008

Anderson Cooper ’n’ the Lohans

Dear Blob,
Hopefully your power as a forum for opinion can help the children of the world! Parents, please stop whoring your children out! My rant is fueled by the feud between CNN's Anderson Cooper and the Lohans, a ridiculous sentence within itself. While the Lohan's aren't actually selling their daughters into the sex trade, like many parents in the world, particularly the 3rd world, as reported in a recent New Yorker article about India's Goddess Whores article, Michael and Dina Lohan have certainly used their pleasingly-slim 'n' pretty daughters to gain fame 'n' fortune. Anderson Cooper was using his news reporter power the same way I am using the power of you, Blob! A plea to parents to Stop Whoring Out Your Child!
Love The Ukulady
ps: I mistakenly wrote Choring, instead of Whoring, which pleased me, as Whoring is a chore for the whores. It's a chore to be a whore! Love it!
pps: The entertainment industry is a whore.
ppps: Dina Lohan is a whore and I do not wish her well.
pppps: But I wish Lindsey Lohan well! Go Lesbian Lindsey!

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