Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Ukulady is Super Pretty!

Dear Blob,
I just applied for this job:
Children's Birthdays/Events-Females Needed-Charismatic & Super-Pretty
I sent them an email that said:
The Ukulady is charismatic and Super Pretty! And a link to my myspace page, which features songs including the words Whore, Cooter and sometimes, Vagina.
Who, I would like to know, is deciding who is Super Pretty? The craigslist ad specifically said they are really interested in blond "princess" types. Does this mean the little plump heeb and other non-blond-non-whitey girls are being entertained by WASPY Barbie doll types and have no darkie non-traditional Super Pretties to emulate? My manpanion, mom and dad think I'm Super Pretty so therefore, I should qualify for the job. I hope I get a job interview.
Love The Ukulady
ps: Who the fuck uses the term "Super Pretty" in a job listing? Seeking Day Laborers: Must be reliable, responsible and Super Pretty.
pps: Fucking LA. She is a whoreville.
ppps: McCain and his "Super Pretty" (terrifyingly scary) wife, Cindy, suck. You'd think living in a cage and drinking urine for several years, would instill Integrity For Life. Another lesson in "Nothing is certain except change".

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