Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Party Cube Fever!

Dear Blob,
I've caught Olympic Fever! Every night, instead of reading the piling-up New Yorkers and Harpers, I've been watching Olympic Gymnastics on the interweb (as I don't know how to operate the television). OMG, Shawn Johnson is so friggin' cute with her little snub nose and outrageous thigh muscles! At Olympic-Viewing time, my boudoir becomes the Olympic Party Cube and me and Nastia and Shawn totally rock out! However, while the Chinese have put on a good show, I can't help questioning who the hell let China host the Olympics? This is the same government that killed students, fairly recently. And as every obviously-14-year-old Chinese gymnast competes, I can't help but root for them, knowing they haven't seen their families in years and if they fail, the government will kill their parents, kittenpets and relegate them to factory work. And the Opening-Ceremonies Milli-Vanilli incident is ridiculous - once again, who gets the Decision-Wand-Of-Power in determining Super-Prettiness and Cuteness? Apparently government officials. In other news, I urge you, Blob and Reader, to watch the Olympic Women's Weight Lifting! It is amazing! The women are so beefy and manly and wear the most camel-toeriffic suits and lift ridiculous amounts of weight. My question is, how did these athletes discover weight-lifting is their gift? Who said to them, "OMG, you are the strongest girl at Jenna Bush High School! You could be an Olympic contender!" Apparently someone.
Love The Ukulady
ps: I'm writing LA Cupcake reviews on, for anyone interested in the Best Cupcake in LA....
pps: Olympic Synchronized Swimming? Ridiculous, yet riveting. It's like a bunch of musical theater girls were kicked out of a show and recruited by the swim coach. Busby Berkeley would be proud.

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