Sunday, August 24, 2008

Purple Cabbage & Britney

Dear Blob,
Tonight as I was making purple cabbage salad, my Manpanion told me that purple cabbages are not naturally purple, but bleached and then soaked in squid ink. Shocked, but totally believing, I got very upset at the cabbage industry for their deception and angrily decided to never cook with purple cabbage again. Then Manpanion told me he was lying and I felt really ridiculous and overly-gullible. In other news, I'm obsessed with a song by Loretta Lynne called "Fist City", about taking out a rival-lady, who hits on her man; but all my gay boys like the song title for other reasons.
Love The Ukulady
ps: I discovered my cousin loves Britney Spears so much, not only did she name her cat, Britney, but she got the exact same tattoo as Britney.
pps: My cousin got the tattoo, not the cat.

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nollij said...

I love Fist City... Loretta kicks ASS. I got into her when I realized that Jack White had produced one of her albums. I bought Honky Tonk Girl (the box set) and man, the woman can sing her effin ass off, and what a hell of songwriter.

The gay boy comment had me laughing out loud once I finally got it... yer not the only gullible one so don't feel bad. :)