Thursday, April 2, 2009

American Idol & Economy UnFever: Equally Important World News!

Dear Blob,
Because of economy-UnFever, I'm trimming my expenses and sadly, the first thing to go is my morning newspaper. I really heart reading a paper every morning, but the LA Times is so lame and the NY Times is so expensive. So I've switched to interweb news, which my eyeballs aren't totally thrilled with. This morning's World News from yahoo included Pakistan, Palestine & American Idol. I am a huge kareoke fan. I even used to go to The Mint kareoke bar in San Francisco, by myself. I am sick of most world news, but am not quite on board with American Idol being up there with genocide, global economic unfever and North Korea's reluctance to feed it's people.

Love The Ukulady

ps: The local LA News is all car crashes & murder. I think I will be more relaxed not reading the LA Times every morning.
pps: Is Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman, Rep. Henry Waxman the most rodent-ee-looking public figure? He resembles a Disney Beaver.

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