Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why Freelancers Love the Tabloids

Dear Blob,
Reading the Interweb news this morning on yahoo's "front page", I skimmed the bleak economic update, Obama's visit to Iraq, but upon coming to yahoo news's front page scoop of Lindsey Lohan and Samantha Ronson's for-now-breakup, I actually gasped aloud with interest and excitment. I was mostly excited by Lindsey being, apparently, barred from a Ronson Family party.

Being an expensively-educated, critical-thinker, labeled by my dad an intellectual, I felt a moment of shame for being so excited about Lindsey's difficulties.

Then I realized: at my home office, I have no water cooler to gather around or anyone to gather with; no Jim & Pam of The Office TV show, to speculate upon; not even my real & facebook friends have much to gossip about. Nothing as interesting as Lindsey, Brittney & Rhianna. For freelancers, tabloid gossip replaces around-the-water-cooler gossip. Without celebrity mishaps, how can us freelancers feel good about our relationships, constant-looming unemployment & genetic cellulite?

Poor Lindsey. Maybe she'll turn to yoga like Jennifer Aniston. I did.
Love The Ukulady

ps: I'm also intrigued by the Odd News section of the interweb news.
pps: I've discontinued my LA Times subscription. Too expensive for less-than-stellar content. Poor Newspaper Industry.

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Anonymous said...

what i feel the worst about is that actors and actresses my age for the most part are hooked on drugs and kids see this as a kewl way to go. i used to be hooked on meth for 15 mths and been clean for bout 5 yrs. pretty much i was written off at the moment as a dopehead that would steal u blind. whats my point? a lot of ppl across the country my age are battling their own problems, most without being in the media spotlite and when they do whatever, from the mundane to the monumental, its plastered all over the media. are we such a superficial society that we drop everything to find out what so and so bought from so and so store or someone gets trashed and has a bad nite, does that automatically make them a bad person? who are we to judge anyone else but ourselves? for example, the woman who had the octuplets, one magazines says shes a bad mom, another brings up her stripper past. she already has a lot on her plate raising all those kids, without the media covering everything she does. its great that she had the kids, but she does need to keep the media out for the safety of her family, so some nut wont come look her up and kidnap one or some of her kids. nowadays, it just gets too ridiculous.