Friday, April 3, 2009

Ukulady Weighs-In on Madonna's Blocked Adoption

Dear Blob,
YAY for Iowa legalizing gay marriage! I awoke to a text from my manapanion with the news and look forward to the dozens of gay weddings I will, no doubt be invited to, once equal rights for everyone become national and international!

In other news, I'm sad for Madonna and the Malawian child she wants to adopt. Malawian court barred the impending adoption on grounds it would set a "dangerous precedent" for child-slave-traffickers. There are many ethical issues about adoption and celebrities and such, but the bottom line is, will the Malawian child be better off in an African orphanage or Madonna's house?

When I think of Madonna's house, I envision organic meals of pillowy-fresh gnocchi, risotto with shrimp and a progressive Waldorf or Montessori education. When I think of life in a African orphanage, I see dozens of kids longing to be hugged and eating porridge.

And if Madonna doesn't eventually get the child, where will the orphan be in 20 years? Selling fruit or her body by the side of the road, pissed that she was almost Madonna's kid?

The Malawian judge needs to get off the power-trip and recognize that regardless of ethics, the child will have more opportunities for success living with Madonna.

Love The Ukulady
ps: I also think celebrities adopting non-white, fresh-from-the-womb babies is great role-modeling for the countless prospective-adoptive parents who only want a white days-old infant.
pps: A kid should not be used as a tool in anyone's power-trip. Madonna wants to love and nurture another human being. The Malawian judge wants international attention.
ppps: In discussing this with Gay Roomate, he thoughtfully mused, "Madonna's a Leo..." I love my boys.

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