Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Most Repulsive Beverage!

Dear Blob,
I drove past a billboard today for what may be the most repulsive beverage ever: Chelada! A blend of Clamato juice and Budweiser beer. Apparently, according to the blogosphere, Chelada is Hott! A huge hit in Arizona, Texas, Nebraska & Colorado. In fact, one blog calls it "A Tremendous Success!" While everyone's taste is different, the thought of thirsty Quaffers downing clam 'n' tomato juice and friggin' Budweiser, is totally disgusting.
Love The Ukulady
ps: Kate Winselt, the most beautiful woman on earth, looks so much better without makeup.
pps: Attention Gay Gals! Lindsey Lohan is single! Go for it!
ppps: If you go for it, be careful! She's totaly crazy!
pppps: If you & Lindsey start dating, I totally want to come over and watch Logo with you guys!

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