Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Couches of Echo Park

Dear Blog,
I am amazed by the many discarded couches in Echo Park; specifically, on my one-block street. Without fail, there are always at least 2 couches plus, often a medley of mattresses and broken chairs. I can't believe there are enough living spaces to have housed all the abandonded couches. Irritatingly, the seemingly-pee-ridden-couches are apt to linger on my street for weeks, regardless of my good-citizenhood, calling the LA refuse specialty pickup number. Last summer there was a gigantic pile of garbage, including several mattresses, a couple couches and we waited a couple weeks for something to happen to the pile. Nothing did, so we called the special pickup number and went away on vacation. Returned a couple weeks later and the pile was still there, but larger. Finally, I called our city councilman's office. The pile was picked up a couple weeks later. I think it was there for about 2 months. City living.
Once a dead dog was put into a garbage bag and left in front of our house. Me and my duplex neighbors thought it was a stuffed animal, until the flies started swarming. Again, I called a special number. When I lived in San Francisco I never called the police or a special number, in 8 years. Since I've been in LA, 3 years now, I've called at least a dozen times. Someone died in front of our house last year. This person was stabbed at the Burrito King down the street, ran, bleeding and collapsed in front of our plant-filled oasis (totally a paradise, my housey). We were drinking at the oldest French restaurant in LA, staggered home to police tape surrounding our street and weren't allowed past, into the house, for about an hour. And then, only after I threw a mini-drunken-tantrum. We got to our house by climbing over our neighbor's fence. There were blood-stains on the sidewalk the next morning from the dead person. Yikesies.
The couches, however, are really beginning to annoy me. I just can't understand how they keep multiplying. The Couches of Echo Park are like baby mice.
Love The UkuLady
PS: I've developed a crush on John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) after seeing Blades of Glory. However, his Mormonhood is really un-hot. Maybe I just like his those gay men....

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