Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sims-Sessions Winners-of-the-Week!

Dear Blog,
Although we laughed extensively at this week's Sims Session, in fact I was on the floor real-lifesies-weak-kneeed (sp?) there aren't many notes in my comedy notebook. Here are the few nibblets apparently worth writing down:
1. Moose Ganja. This was a Simlish slipup. I think we decided that moose are just funny no matter what. Meese. Whatever.
2. The FriendHeart. You'll find out soon....Ok, I can't resist, it's so delightful! When you and a friend have a disagreement, argument, fight, what have you; and you just want it to be over but you don't really want to work it out with theraputic hippie-attentive listening shit, you can just say to your friend, "Friend Heart." And make a heart with your hands and your friend won't be able to resist. No one can resist the Friend Heart. This is registered by ASCAP, AFTRA and SAG.
3. The Comedy Goat. It was funny at the time. After 6 hours in a recording studio speaking gibberish, almost everything is fucking hilarious.
4. Judo Mo. A Judo Master obviously. Possibly a fellow heeb.
5. Comedy Gold. As in, "That take was Comedy Gold." Or just CoGo.
6. Bell Hops vs. Concierge. Is there really a difference?
7. Nana Mammals. I suppose these would be grandmothers who are also mammals, such as my mom. I am not the child making my mom a grandmother, just for the record.
C'est Tout! As Patreek (phonetically-French-way-to-say Patrick), my, in retrospect, flamingly gay French teacher in high school used to say.
Love The UkuLady
PS: A Swedish couple has been forbidden by the Swedish tax board to name their baby girl Metallica. I think it's a pretty good name. Call her Meta. Very post-modern.
PPS: Speaking of Post-Modern, The UkuLady would like to give a Props-of-sorts Award-of-Theatrical-Dedication to my myspace friend and real life friend, Timmy, who is flying to Greece for 3 days only, in order to catch a couple performances of Nixon in China. That's artistic-appreciation-dedication! Hope you get some airplane tranquilizers.

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