Tuesday, August 2, 2011

UkuAdventures in LA: Green Beetles, Sleepwalking & Avocados!

Dear Blob,
I am a lifelong sleepwalker. Memorable sleepwalking moments relayed to me by the Awake include urgently asking, "What are we doing, eating cookies?!" and getting dressed for work at 3am. I sleep fitfully and sleepwalk when in a new location; last night I slept-walk-awoke several times, thinking our Marshmallow Studiohouse was in Mexico, a confusing Wizard-of-Oz-like concept.

I used to live in Gloria Swanson's mansion in Angelino Heights, a historic LA neighborhood of Victorians & Craftsmans. Mansion life was subsidized by my fab roommate with a real job and my now-gone-7-year regular VO job as a gibberish-speaking-expert. The crashing economy and the Joy of Change led The Ukulad and I to our current UkuHome, which we call The Marshmallow, as it's like living inside an Artisan Square Marshmallow. It's like a Weeble House. My reverse-culture-shock is limited to sleep-talking, wondering if we are in Mexico and minor jet-lag, awaking at 6am and passing out at 9pm, regardless of David Cross's hilarity on computerTV.

Why are Artisan Marshmallows always square?

In other news, the Irridescent Green Beetles of LA are in season, whizzing around like cartoon bugs and reminding Angelinos that LA is actually on Planet Earth and Nature is Here; not just man-made nature, but nature Nature.

The Ukulad and I have inherited a food-garden from our awesome landlords/friendsies, who left LA to be Geniuses at MIT. It's exciting to make dinner from snacks plucked from the yard. The Avocado Tree is a couple weeks away from Guacamole-Every-Day, it's branches laden with hundreds of valuable fruitlets. If we were ancient-old-fashioned merchants, we would be rich! I'm curious if I can sell them on the corner.... Will people stop to buy from a white-ish lady? Will I get a ticket? Will I become rich in money, not just avocados? Is it worth hanging out alongside traffic? Will I get sick of Guacomole? These are the important questions!

Love The Ukulady

ps: I've emailed the Mexican Bug Repellent company, YA! questing for their awesome, all-natural-pleasnt-smelling bug-repellent-wipes in America... No return emeep yet, but stay tuned!

pps: Mexico-Nostalgia has set in...


Anonymous said...

Where exactly was Gloria Swanson's mansion? Cuz I was born in that neighborhood and my mom is convinced it's the palacial home on the northwest corner of Douglas & Kensington....

The UkuLady said...

1048 West Kensington St!

Anonymous said...

Awesomeness! Thanks!