Tuesday, August 16, 2011

UkuAdventures in LA: Wontons, Mimes & Temps!

Dear Blob,
This one goes to Eleven:

1. Beekeeper or Bookkeeper?
2. Ton Ton Wontons
3. Porn on the Cob/Porn Corn: Summer Craft Services for Adult Film shoots
4. Jamochians from Jamocha
5. Rockola: Cough-drops for Rockers
6. Quafka: A Thirsty Writer
7: Coifka: A Hairdresser
8. It's my Time to be a Prime Time Mime!
9. It's not a crime to be a Prime Time Mime!
10. Stop on a Dime! It's a Prime Time Mime!
11. The Temps of Tempe, Arizona

Love The Ukulady
ps: The Whole Foods Parking Lot truly is Hell on Earth.

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