Sunday, July 3, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico: Tacos, Gatos & Thessica!

Dear Blob -
The Tropics are like Munchkinland, brighter than elsewhere, as well as ridiculously moist and lush. No wonder the Latins are renown for their passion; the colors are so dramatic, romantic & vibrant. My skin is super moist here, unlike LA, where the desert is like a baby, enthusiastically sucking, but moisture, not nippleish objects.

Evil Sandwich & Master Crafter (maker of the Unicorndog), Jessica, has arrived! Her first time in Mexico! She got hives the first night from the Mexican-detergent-washed sheets. On our banana-grove-filled drive from the airport with Heroic-Burbank Larry, she asked, "If we were a celebrity couple, would we be Jessaly or Thessica?" From here on, Blob, I will use one of our celebrity-couple monikers instead of typing 2 names.

She brought her omnichord, a little-known instrument, best described as an electronic autoharp. It was a hit with the Bar Reymomo patrons; New Orleans Barbara being ready to buy one, writing down it's name and asking Jessica to find one on ebay, send it to her and ensuring reimbursement.

LA/Marin Ian, a professional drummer, became an Evil Sandwich last night, accompanying songs of cupcakes, robots & tornadoes! It was a Magical Show. I've taken to geographically naming the expats. Except for Buster, who remains my BFF. I'm already bummed I won't be able to email him later, as he leads an internet-free life.

Jessaly dined at Mexico Lindo, a local raved-about-eatery, with a charming tropical-plant-laden patio. Prices are the same as Echo Park taco trucks.

We have a horrible stray cat Jessica has named OC. I said, "For the OC?", likening the awfulness of the Orange County, to the cat.
"Orange Cat.". She said.

OC has the most distressingly horrible yowl; similar to a Peacock, but with a gaggy-throw-upish inflection. Conchita is the Gato of Casa Azul and hates me because I won't let her Inside. She is the reason I locked myself out a few blogs ago. Conchita's number one goal is to get Inside. When the Casa Azul Owners were here with their awesome dogs, Conchita couldn't have cared less about Inside. She enjoyed lazing in the Magic Garden. These days she skulks around the front door, scheming entry, occasionally darting in like a Cat on Speed. She responds to my threatening Velvetina Evilwich voice, Cat-on-Speeding it outside.

The rain has brought the temperature down 10 degrees, an inward-celebration of epic proportions. I was actually chilly last night and had to turn 1 of the 2 fans, off and briefly use the very thin blanket! I don't feel as sausagey.

Speaking of sausage, we enjoyed late-night tacos in our neighborhood at Taqueria Ramos, which was packed at midnight with local young parents and babies. The tacos are 5-star Yelp, with tender handmade corn-tortillas. The most interesting and best part is the huge multi-compartment circular tray which accompanies the tacos. Similar to the enormous fresh-herb tray you get in Vietnam with your Pho, authentic tacos in Mexico come with more! At least 6 or 7 accoutrements to dress up the simple corn meat-flap: beans, 4 salsas, pickled produce and more. A short walk from the Casa, we hope to be regulars.

Love The Ukulady
ps: Sadly, the Frog died. Jessica bravely picked it up, as it finally moved to an accessible location. However, it was an Ex-Frog. I mourned briefly, but as Ukulad said, "It's own damn fault for stupidly getting in the house."
pps: How did it get in in the first place? Must have pulled a Conchita.
ppps: Thessica has been invited to a Birthday Party/4th of July Celebration in Melaque, the town across the bay, tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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