Wednesday, July 27, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico:Bathing Suit Week!

Dear Blob,
The Grand Bay is redeemed. For $85/US a night, it's a worthwhile respite from reality. Redemption appeared in the form of an expat named Canadian Eric, who lives on his buddy's magnificently decadent yacht in the Marina. The Grand Bay is nestled beside a Marina filled with Bluth-style yachts advertising their locations, from Sausalito (represent!) to Newport Beach and oddly, New Mexico, which I thought was landlocked.

Canadian Eric came upon Jessaly deciphering Grand Bay's map, trying to figure out how to avoid the Country Clubbers. Jolly, bored & friendly, he invited us aboard his yacht for a beer. It was noon. A travel lesson: always take up locals offers of food and drink, with caution and don't get drunk; it's the best way to find out the inside scoop! Canadian Eric was a lifesaver. He gave us the lowdown on how to get HB Larry and Laura into our room undetected: water-taxi to the Marina entrance and at the main pool, tell them you live at Dock C on the Marina. Marina dwellers have Grand Bay pool priviliges.

He also revealed a nearby pueblo for affordable snacks, told us the Grand Bay was over $300 a night 3 years ago, has laid of 95% of it's staff and Mexicans/20-year US citizens by the dozens, who have lost everything in America's depression, are moving home with to Mothers in Barra. Other convo-tidbits include: his 3 years in Barra he hasn't seen one violent altercation, Canadian's are buying foreclosed mansions in Phoenix and Americans are moving to Mexico because they can't afford the US; his property tax is $90US/year. Some interesting facts about Northern teak vs. Mexican teak & their oils, meat-info (bad beef in Mexico, great pork 'n' chicken!) and Jessaly was on her way.

We've shirked regular clothes this week. It's bathing-suit week; my Mexican Semester could also be called Body-Acceptance-Therapy-Time. The longer one is in Mexico, the more obvious what the Essentials are: computer 'n internet, ukulele, recording stuff, bathing suit, bug-spray & sunscreen. Hat, glasses 'n' water.

Energized by Canadian Yacht-Eric, Thessica set off in search of Grand Bay's other swimming pools, which after Labyrinth-The-Movie-like wandering, we stumbled upon. Our new Celine-Dion-Free pool is deserted and delightful and the perfect place for Laura & HB Larry or other sneaky-illegals to enjoy, undetected. There are no hotel security-cameras.

After cooling 'n' splashing, we set off for the gardens, clad only swimsuits; we have become Patsy & Eddie totally. Our Garden-journey took us through manicured jungles to a deserted Bed 'n' Breakfast on the edge of the peninsula with an open gate. We wandered in and discovered a fabulous path to 2 private beaches! One we've named Geology 'n' Biology Beach and is chock-full of fascinating rocks, fish skeletons, spiral shells, dried urchins 'n more. We collected specimens and thrilled, spent the next few hours on our Blue-Lagoon-ish-the movie-but-without-the-child-whoring-Beach, noodling in the ruffled wavelets & viewing sea snails.

Hunger led us to a mini-pueblo, inland from the Grand Bay with a secret entrance in a broken fence, as revealed by Canadian Yacht Eric. We found outstanding $2 burritos, returned to air-conditioning for a respite and spent the evening playing music, eating hotel-illegal Chips brand Chips and singing about churros, faraway in the barrio.

Interestingly, we noticed the hotel has turned the horrible music way down, so either someone at the Grand Bay is reading my blog or our complaints were noted & acted upon!

Today we adventure to the Market in Melaque. We are bringing pre-sealed-hotel butter for Panaderia Estrella's hot, fresh bolillos at 2:30.

Love The Ukulady
ps: I'm a Sweatback; my backpack, while handy, turns me into a Sweatback everyday.

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