Monday, July 11, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico: Garbage, Rednecks & Bolillos!

Dear Blob,
1. Has anyone invented a Sunscreen/Bug Repellent? If not, it's an untapped billion-dollar market.

2. Mexico is not Shabby/Chic, but Shabby/Charming; Charmingly Shabby. Our Barrio is flush with Colorful Cinderblock shacks betwixt Disney-esque Swiss Family Robinson-ee Villas. Most dwellings are one story with rebar sticking up, in anticipation of a second story and to avoid taxes. If a building has rebar sticking up, it is untaxable! No worries if a fleet of Giants come to Mexico; their eyeballs will be plucked out by the rebar and they will blindly trip over the chickens.

3. Mexicans are total Litterbugs. The garbage in Beautiful Nature is overwhelming, deeply distressing and difficult for me to understand. Beauty is not subjective when it comes to Nature. All humans want to view Pretty, yet in Mexico, there is garbage almost everywhere.

At the Sunset-Beach spot, we watched an adorable girl, about 4, instinctively clean up plastic bottles from the beach. She asked her mom what to do with it and her mom waved her hand. The little girl, highly concerned, tossed the bottle back on the beach. Confused and worried, she couldn't leave it there, but re-picked it up and placed it on the sidewalk. Her mom, seemingly, couldn't care less and in fact, told her to throw it back onto the beach. The child's human instinct was to clean up the trash. When does this change in the Mexican's citizen's childhood? Southeast Asia was the same; garbage everywhere.

4. There are Rednecks everywhere. They also ride in trucks here and toss beer cans out the window. However, the difference is the back of their pickups are usually full of at least a dozen people, which is legal here. The record, I've seen is about 12 or 13 people.

5. We biked to Melaque, about 20 minutes away, along the Mexican highway and discovered the 400 year old bakery, which, around 2:30 paddles out out hot, fresh, crusty, baguettes, called bolillos. The baker wields a long paddle with about 4 or 5 loaves along it, and slides them into an ancient clay oven. It was the most delicious dough product I've ever eaten. The Like in LA, Mexican men love to hoot and whistle at ladies on bikes. Douchebags are everywhere.

6. How I feel about kids, Jessica feels about dogs. Every pero we see, she coos and meeps. Every kid I see, I coo and meep! I've befriended the neighbor children, bribing them with mangoes. Angel, who must be about 3, was brave enough to come over alone and ask for a mango. His sister, perhaps 7, is always riding a bike far too large for her. They are the cutest, most delightfully adorable snacks-of-children I've seen in a long time.

Love The Ukulady
ps: Sunset is Ridiculous here. Total Show-off! The Calvin Klein Underwear Super-Model of Sunsets!
pps: Jessaly are both working on music albums and recording is going well. However, mid-day recording is tricky; it's the best time to work, as being outside is torturous, but the fan needs to be off, resulting in sweat pouring down my back and pooling in my panties. Short bursts of Fanless work is the key.

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