Saturday, July 23, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico: Canadians to the Rescue!

PHOTOS: Marshmallows, Horse & Sign saying No Trash, Dead Fish

Dear Blob,
The Week of Mexican Challenges has morphed into a luxury-party! Our New BFF's, Canadian Rick 'n' Cathy, took pity on Jessaly and have loaned us their home for the weekend! Casa Canadian is about 5 blocks from Casa Azul and has a Pool. I've decided a Pool is essential for survival in the Mexican low-season. Casa Azul is pleasant, chock-full of great books & the Magic Garden is delightful, but a Pool Rules the Universe!

I am writing this Blob, bikini-clad, feet in Pool, honey-coconut-ball-snack in hand. I feel very Ab-Fab

Yesterday was a Recovery Day, awash in hammock-lounging, National Geographic Reading & songwriting. We ventured out in the late afternoon, coming upon Laura's hard-partying boss's funeral. There were hundreds of mourners, spilling out of the open-air shack-like church, into the ice-cream-arcade and cobblestone-dirt streets. According to HB Larry, in the first couple minutes of ceremony his Sins were on the table and throughout the 3 - 4 hour event, "He Was Not Without His Sins" came up a lot.

Early evening we biked to downtown Barra, where I visited Dr. Rubio, who is on facebook, speaks perfect English and recently vacationed in Orange County. For $20 she peeked at my weird stomach-rash, declared it fungal in nature, due to the tropical environment and prescribed me anti-fungal/antibiotic crema; all for a grand total of $32 American dollars. About what I would pay in the states if I had Good Health Insurance and minus the hassles of making an appointment, driving anywhere & dealing with paperwork & insurance cards. It was Fantastic! America's biggest flaw is the healthcare system.

We enjoyed tamales, 2 for $1 dollar, from a tamale-trolley in the plaza, picked up our laundry, which was washed & folded for $3 dollars and biked to Casa Azul to pack our slumber-party satchels.

Casa Candian is smaller than Casa Azul, but has the feel of Vacation Luxury, with airy, light bedrooms, eco-fancy-Big-Sur-luxury-style bathrooms, nestled within art-deco-ish curvy walls. Casa Azul is comfortable-hippie-funky; Casa Canadian is Mexican vacation-rental with a sleek Swiss Family Robinson meets Monaco atmosphere.

Deserving of pampering, we star-gazed, lolling in the pool, after sharing a sack of consistently-outrageously-delicious churros. It's the first night we've seen stars! Oddly, it hasn't rained in 2 whole days and in fact, last night it was almost cool! Startled by the sensation, we had goose-bumps when we got out of the pool! It was exciting.

After his bartender shift, Punk-Rock Buster came over, even though Canadian Rick's email specifically said, "No Boys!" and Jessica & Buster stayed up all night recording his punk-rock album. His music reminds me of the Dead Milkmen. I went to bed and slept like a battery-less robot.

Today will be spent poolside with a brief trip to Melaque for money, as the Mexican Tourists have sucked all the money from Barra's ATM's. Buster & Jessica remain horizontal, guitars, microphones & cords strewn carelessly about Casa Canadian

Love The Ukulady
ps: Can we hear a giant MEEEEEEP for Rick 'n' Cathy! MEEEEEP!
pps: Which is not to say MEEEP for Carmen & Sally & Casa Azul; we just needed a little luxury for a couple days and a Pool!
ppp: Interestingly, there are far less mosquitoes at Casa Canadian; less garden, less puddles and moisture for the slutty insects. Another wisdom tidbit from HB Larry! Dude needs to write a book: The Gringo's Guide to Mexico's Pacific Coast.

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