Friday, July 8, 2011

UkuAdventures in Mexico: Crabs 'n' Machetes!

Dear Blob,
The Nature in Mexico is Off The Hook, as the teens would have said a couple years ago. Last night I awoke to Jessica's squeaks of quivery surprise, upon discovering a large crab in the house. Casa Azul is pretty far away from the the beach. The only way it could have gotten inside is by hitching a ride with us. I can't figure out how that happened, as Mr. Crab is not small! He's about as big as my 2 hands put together and we would have noticed a large crab in our small beach bag; the same bag narrowly-missed being peed on by the basset hound. Mr. Crab was not interested in being saved, grapevining, ballerina-like, quickly under a bed. He's still there, as far as we know.

Do boys in Mexico receive machetes the way boys in the US get pocket-knives? The hombres here wield machete's to cut coconuts in the their bare hands. No cutting board; just the coconut, held aloft like a crystal ball, and then the machete thwacked upon it. I can't believe no blood was shed, leading me to believe this is a 10,000 hours practice Malcolm Gladwell writes about in Outliers. The Mexicans are incredible at hacking coconuts open with machetes. They also carve a majestic mango.

How old are babies before they are fed salsa and onions around here?

The Paper 'n' Ribbonery store sells notebooks featuring animals with monocles.

Love The Ukulady
ps: That makes a Frog, Cucaracha (not exotic or unusual), Cicada & Crab in the house. Hopefully Mr. Scorpion will not join his Nature Friendsies
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